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If you're looking at this page, you probably already know what Phoenix Command is. (Or should that be, "was"?) As such, I'm not going to tell you all about how great a set of combat rules it is — provided you like micromanagement — and launch straight into the:


  1. Body Armor
    1. Body Armor Ratings
    2. Hard and Soft Body Armors
    3. Revised EPF Table
  2. Character Generator
  3. Equipment
    1. Wet Equipment
    2. Clothing
    3. Load-Bearing Equipment
    4. Miscellaneous Equipment
  4. Explosive Weapons
    1. Mine Rules
    2. Demolition Charges
    3. Grenades
    4. Mines
  5. Fantasy
    1. Magic
  6. Firearms
    1. Pistols
    2. Sub-Machineguns
    3. Rifles
    4. Machine Guns
  7. Skills
    1. Percentile Skill System
    2. Sound Detection
    3. Target Identification
  8. Weapon Design
    1. Firearms
    2. Explosive Weapons
    3. Rockets & Grenade Launchers
    4. On-Line Weapon Designer
  9. Books
    1. Small Arms Combat System
    2. Hand-to-Hand Combat System
    3. Artillery System
    4. Mechanized Combat System
    5. Miscellaneous

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